Chelwood Rake available at Top tree Supplies

Chelwood Tool Company formerly based in Bristol UK now in Devon have since 1970 been renowned for its excellent quality and design of a range of commercial and professional garden, lawn and landscape rakes. The company supplies Groundsman, Landscapers and Greenkeepers rakes nationwide UK and recently more and more worldwide. In 1973 the company won the Institute of Groundsmanship’s International Gold Award for the Best Introduction of the Year. The last time this was given for a hand tool was 18 years previous.

Originally starting with landscape rakes made only from high tensile steel, these landscape rakes are as light as a feather but as strong and durable as steel.

Top Tree Supplies now stock  range of rakes for all purposes ranging in size from 35cm to 100cm wide with a variety of tooth gaps.

Chelwood rake soilchelwood rake used by Professional Arboristschelwood rake in the field

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Showing all 7 results