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  • CT Cimbing Throw Bag

    Falcon Throw Bag 250g

    £12.25 Excl. VAT

  • Falcon 350g throw bag for arborist

    Falcon Throw Bag 350g

    £13.10 Excl. VAT

    Compact throw bag.

    Ideal for the manual throwing.

    Upper small metal ring, small sized in order to avoid snagging in branches.

    Lower sling loop.

    Resistant fabric.

  • CT climbing Foot Ascender - Right

    CT Climbing Quick Step-A Foot Ascender

    £32.80 Excl. VAT
    • Equipped with a lever that keeps the device open, thus facilitating the insertion of the rope and preventing it from coming out.
    • Cam/lever mechanism totally integrated in the body.
    • Developer to grip also on dirty and icy ropes, thanks to the self-cleaning cam.
    • Fully adjustable webbing for a correct positioning.
    • Reinforcement on the lower side with a tubular webbing.
    • Well balanced, it doesn’t twist under load.

    Ascender for right or left foot, ideal for tree climbing and working at a height.

    Attention! Not to be used as a PPE.

    For use with ropes: Ø 8 ÷ 13 mm

Showing all 3 results